What is Viral Advocacy?

How Actions and Engagement Influence Behavior and Build Brands

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How to Run Structured Growth Tests

How to Use the Scientific Method to Drive Your Business

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Tracking and Attribution

How to Analyze the Customer Journey Properly.

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About Me

  • Ex-High Stakes Poker Player
  • Tech Founder
  • Author

I help Ecommerce and Ecommerce tech companies build contagious brands and passionate fans.

I follow the growth philosophies from the likes of Sean Ellis, Morgan Brown, Brian Balfour, and Andrew Chen.

I build measurable tests across product and marketing in order to learn fast and grow the value a company delivers to its market.

My strengths lie in combining human behavioral psychology and analytics to devise strategies for acquiring, activating, and retaining customers.

I work with two types of partners:

  • Ecommerce stores with good traction looking for creative marketing strategies to improve acquisition,  retention, and referral metrics.
  • Ecommerce app providers marketing to Ecommerce store owners and Ecommerce teams.

Passionate about technology, the future, growth and marketing.

Ever want to chat about marketing, growth, or have an upcoming event you'd like me to speak at? Hit me up.

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